Why we should use Ubuntu?

There are lot of discussion why we should use Ubuntu? While Window is easy and user friendly than any other operating system. But main difference is to use  any version of window you have to firstly pay for it but Ubuntu is free of cost, just download from its official site https://www.ubuntu.com  and install it .So if you want to use an operating system that is free, secure, user friendly then i personally recommend you to use Ubuntu (Latest version 18.04 - at the time of writing).
Ubuntu Linux is the most popular open source operating system. There are many reasons to use Ubuntu Linux that make it worthy Linux distro. It's totally free from download to install and just use it.

 Here are some features of Ubuntu which you guild and change your opinion for Ubuntu.Let's see :

1. Free and easy to install
             I think  in this there should be no confusion that Ubuntu is absolutely is free. Download, install and use ,  you've  doesn't have to pay a single penny. In simple one step you can download its ISO file from its official website www.ubuntu.com. And create its bootable ISO or burn it on CD/USB drive.

Latest version is Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver (new version releases in every 6 months). It have new feature and different look than any version . All future Upgrades of Ubuntu is free of cost, you can upgrade it any time.
You don't need to  buy office like you do in windows for word, powerPoint and excel etc. In Ubuntu Libre office contain these features and it is pre-installed in it.

2. High secure Protection
      Ubuntu is free from any viruses. You don't need to download or pay for any antivirus software. In windows you have to need an anti-virus to prevent any type of risk. But in Ubuntu There is built-in Firewall and virus protection method makes away you from virus and makes sure that you are protected.

3. Various Themes and Desktop Environments
      Another advantage to use Ubuntu is that we can customize its Desktop environment like its Theme, colors,  Top panel, Dock, Shell theme, icons and many more other things. Lets say you want change its look as os x (Apple's mac os) then all we have to do is just install theme and icons from gnome-look.org website and change the theme using unity or GNOME Tweak tool (according to your version of Ubuntu).
how to change theme in Ubuntu - Click here
how to make your ubuntu looks like mac os x -  click here

There is plenty of themes available on gnome-look.org. we'll  discuss about it later.

4. Ubuntu software center
         In Ubuntu you can download needed software from the Ubuntu software Center, you don't need to go anywhere,  get it at single click. Ubuntu get a lot of software at free of cost. Alternatively you can install any software form terminal  by using command. Software center also allowed user to purchase commercial applications.
In Ubuntu 18.04, You can also install notepad++ , Skype like softwares from Ubuntu Software center.

5. Open source
         Create professional documents, spreadsheet and presentation on ubuntu LibreOffice, it is open source office and pre-installed in Ubuntu. It means you don't need to pay to make documents as you do in windows. Some software like VLC media player, Firefox, GIMP are open source software.

More reasons to use Ubuntu :

  • It is more stable and you will not be wait for years for bugs to get fixed. You can track them down in Ubuntu. 
  • You can update everything just one update manager, don't need to download separate manager for it.
  • Ubuntu does not need high resource as window.
  • You don't need to buy OS , just download it. It is free of cost and simply download process.

if you  are newbie and want to learn to use Linux then start with Ubuntu. Its easy to use and have user friendly desktop.

if you have any problem related with this article then please comment below. we'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

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